Why existing contacts of domain registrars are not showing for some domains?

Question: Why existing contacts of the domain registrars are not showing in drop down for some domains?

Answer: The domain registrars like ENOM, Gandi.net and ZA Registry are supported with HC Marketplace 

The domain contacts can be added or managed for these registrars by following this path Configurations >> Domain Registrars.

The existing contacts for the domain will be shown in the drop down which were added in above configurations.  However, if contacts are not showing for some domains then the reason could be that:
  • Use Existing Contacts’ option will pull existing Contacts if and only if Contacts are added as well as assigned to MP Customer.
  • Use Following Details’ will not work with Gandi/ZARegistry BUT only with ENOM as only ENOM allows to add new contacts on the fly.

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