Marketplace display error "NOT FOUND" while deleting a sold product?

Question : While trying to delete a Sold Plan from Marketplace >> Product Catalog >> Sold Products, “NOT_FOUND” is thrown as error as shown below. What could be the cause of such issue and how can it be resolved so the Sold Plan could be properly deleted from Marketplace interface too.

Answer: Such issue occurs if one has manually deleted the customer’s Sold Plan from HC panel and then upon trying to remove this Sold Plan in Marketplace will throw the error “NOT_FOUND”.
How to resolve it ? In order to resolve such case, the following steps can be performed :
  1. Open SQL Management Studio.
  2. Navigate to the Marketplace Database.
  3. Open table SoldProducts, and set the value for PanelSoldProductID=0 against the userid of the customer to which the plan was sold in marketplace.
Note: Only this way, such Sold Plans can be removed successfully from the MarketPlace interface too.