How to configure SharePoint with HC with non-Domain Admin user account ?

Question : How to run SharePoint using Non-Domain Admin account ?
Answer : Many organizations do not wish to use their core Domain Admin account for configurations of SharePoint applications servers. So, in order to cater the need of such organizations, one can follow the steps as mentioned below :
  1. Log on Hosting Controller Provision service with non-admin account On SharePoint Server
       2. Execute this command Add-SPShellAdmin -UserName AD22\HCSP in SharePoint Management Shell

  1. Connect to the MSSQL Server management studio which host SharePoint application. Navigate to path Security > Login >> Find the non-admin user (HCSP)
    1. Assign following DB schema “db_owner , db_securityadmin , SharePoint_Shell_Access , SPDataAccess” for below databases;
iii. WSS_Content

b. Assign following Server Roles “dbcreator , Securityadmin , sysadmin“
       4. If you will use same account HCSP for active directory operations, then make sure its have Full control “CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE” permissions on the root of hosted OU.
       5. Execute following commands in order listed below in SharePoint Management Shell

          CMD 1:  to retrieve the current Farm Administrators
          $WebApp = get-spwebapplication -includecentraladministration | where-object {$_.DisplayName -like "SharePoint Central Administration*"}
          $Web = Get-SPweb($WebApp.Url)
          $FarmAdminGroup = $Web.SiteGroups["Farm Administrators"]
          CMD 2: to add the user to the Farm Administrators group

          $user = "ad22\hcsp"
          $FarmAdminGroup.AddUser($user, "", $user, "")

         CMD 3: to retrieve the list of current Farm Administrators

         $FarmAdminGroup = $Web.SiteGroups["Farm Administrators"]
  1. Grant permission on web application by going into share point administration Login to the farm's Central Administration as a farm administrator > Applications Management > Web Applications > Manage Web Applications.

    Select the Web Application that will be used in HC Control Panel and click on “User Policy” > Add User > Select HCSP user and give Full Control Permissions.

  2. Add user “HCSP” to a local group (WSS_ADMIN_WPG) on the SharePoint FE servers

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