How to resolve the access denied issue for HC panel login ?

Question : I am getting error "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied." while trying to access HC panel. What could be causing it ?
Answer :  There is feature introduced in HC10 which blocks IP of a probable intruder upon certain number of fraudulent attempts which you have specified in HC panel at : Configurations >> Panel Configuration >> Control Panel Access. If a legitimate user's IP is blocked then that too can be released in HC panel.
One can know more about this feature by visiting the link given below and upon removing the blocked IP under Denied tab, after which you are your customer will be able to gain the access to HC Control panel without encountering 403 error "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied."
Note: To remove the blocked IP from within HC panel try to access HC10 panel using different IPAddress and then following the procedure as explained above.
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