How to enable archiving of virtual hard disk files for Hyper-V?

Question : How to enable archiving for virtual hard disk files for Hyper-V ?
Answer : By default when a VM is deleted from Hyper-V Manager, it deletes the Virtual Machine from the list of the VMs but the virtual hard disk file remains on the default storage path. In order to customize the behavior for better management the deleted vhdx file can be moved to a designated folder. Later if a customer asks to restore its deleted Virtual Machine, it can be done easily by restoring the VM using the virtual hard disk file(s).
To enable archiving for deleted virtual hard disks files, follow the steps given below :
  1. Login as Global Admin in HC10 panel.
  2. Navigate to menu Configurations >> Server Manager >> Servers >> Edit Hyper-V Server.
  3. Against the check box Image File Options, select the value Move file upon VM deletion.
  4. For Move To specify “Archive Folder”.  See below screenshot for clarity.
If “Archive Folder” value is specified for Move To field then Virtual Machine hard disks are moved to the specified folder path. For any further query regarding Hosting Controller, feel free to contact us by sending an email to