Apache problem upon installing SSL Certificate

Question: Apache crashes upon installing SSL from HC panel. What could be the reason for it ? 
Answer: If all steps for SSL install are performed using HC panel then Apache never crashes and SSL certificate is installed properly. Apache crashes only in such case if manual tasks are performed for installing SSL certificate on a website in Apache WebServer. So, it is very strongly recommended to carry out the process using HC10 panel instead of doing manual tasks which could result in Apache to crash.
Reason for Apache to crash upon installing SSL :  HC has its own mechanism of installing SSL certificate on Linux Websites. For this, as you generate Certificate Request (CSR) using HC panel from Provisioning >> Website Dashboard  >> Dedicated SSL then HC performs the following tasks:
  1. Creates a directory with website name like domain.com under /etc/ssl/domain.com
  2. Also, HC places both domain.com.csr and domain.com.key files at the same location /etc/ssl/domain.com
Now upon initiating SSL Certificate install request from HC panel as these files and folder are missed by Apache, therefore it crashes and its service does not start.
How to prevent this from happening ?
  1. Solution # 1 ( Automate the process of SSL install using HC control panel ): Perform all tasks for certificate request generation and its install using HC panel. This way, all process will be automated and Apache would never crash upon installing SSL certificate on your website.
  2. Solution # 2 (Case where manual CSR was generated) : For this case where CSR was generated manually and SSL certificate received from the CA using it then in this case Apache crash can be avoided by following the steps given below :
  • Place the CSR and KEY files under your domain's name directory at this path ( /etc/ssl/hc/domain.com/ ). If directory with your domain name does not exist then create a one manually.
  • Also place your SSL Certificate file under ssl directory at this path ( /web_root_directory/domain.com/special/ssl/ ). Once you have placed the files correctly on the specified paths then install the SSL on your domain by following this documentation ( https://help.hostingcontroller.com/hc10/default.aspx#pageid=installing_dedicated_ssl ).
    Note: Make sure the names of CSR, KEY and SSL Certificate files should be in proper format (Like domain.com.csr, domain.com.key, domain.com.crt).
We strongly recommend to follow the automated way ( Solution # 1 ) of installing SSL certificates on the Linux websites. For any further assistance, send an email to support@hostingcontroller.com