What could be the reason for going into Grace Period or suspended state as soon as these are created in HC panel ?

Question : As soon as I add any user in HC Panel, it starts showing in grace period or suspended state even though client does not owe pending invoices due to which it could be marked as in grace period due to non-payment. What could be the reason for it showing under grace period ?
Answer: If all these settings (GracePeriod Time, Access Lock, Suspend Users, and Delete Users ) are set to 0 for all these 4 phases  under Billing >> Configure Billing >> Users Billing Life Cycle then as soon as a Service Plan is sold, it will also set the user showing in grace period/suspend state.  To avoid this from happening, specify the Standard Settings of HC Billing Life Cycle as mentioned below for each of these 4 phases of Customer Billing Life Cycle :
  1. Grace Period Time = 30 days
  2. Access Lock = 30 days
  3. Suspend Users = Infinite (Specify value if client really want to suspend the clients)
  4. Delete Users = Infinite
Specify the above mentioned settings under your Billing Configurations page after which such issues would not appear against your clients.