How to enforce secure cookies on HC Portal website?

Question : How to enforce secure cookies on HC Portal website ?
Answer : In order to enable secure cookies on HC Portal website, follow the instructions below :
  1. Login to your HC Control Server.
  2. Navigate to the path : C:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Portal\ and open web.config file.
  3. Set value of requireSSL="true" against loginUrl.
  4. Set the values for httpOnlyCookies="true" and requireSSL="true" and also specify exact URL of your HC Portal Website against domain which must be an SSL enabled URL.
See below screenshot for further clarity.
Note : SSL enabled cookies enforcement works if and only if the Control Panel URL is properly running under HTTPS mode.
After enabling this setting, HC Control Panel will allow access to it only using HTTPS.
For any further query regarding the above procedure, contact us by sending an email to