How to configure ZA Central Registry (ZACR) in HC panel?

Question : How to configure “ZA Central Registry” (ZACR) Domain Registrar in HC10 control panel ?
Answer : In order to configure ZA Central Registry Domain Registrar with HC panel, a valid reseller account from ZA Central Registry is required. After signing up for the ZA Central Registry Reseller account follow the steps below to configure it in HC10:
  1. Configure Domain Registration option in HC.
  2. Configure ZA Central Registry account in HC.
  3. Add/Update Contacts associated with Domain Name.
  4. Add/Register/Transfer Domains via HC.

       1.  Configure Domain Registration option in HC
Navigate to the menu Configurations :: Panel Conf. :: Additional Services from Global Admin level in HC and enable Domain Registration. To know more about enabling Domain Registration at Global Admin level, see Enabling/Disabling additional services.
  1. Configure ZA Registry account in HC

    Configuring ZA Central Registry comprises of steps such as adding TLDs, specifying prices for Domain Registration, Renewal and Transfer respectively. Configure ZA Registry account by navigating to the menu Configurations :: Shared Hosting Conf. :: Domain Registrar Configurations ::  Domain Registrar.
  • Add TLDs for ZA Central Registry: In order to add TLDs (,, and, navigate to the menu Configurations :: Shared Hosting Conf. :: Domain Registrar Configurations :: Domain Registrar and click on Manage TLDs from the dropdown list as shown below.

After this you can click on Add TLD button as shown below and then specify the price for Domain Registration, Domain Transfer and Domain Renewal respectively. See a sample record for,, and TLDs against ZA Registry Domain Registrar.

  1. Add/Update Contacts associated with Domain Name

    Contacts associated with any Domain Name in ZA Central Registry can be added/updated via HC. These contacts are later used while registering a Domain Name via HC. See already added ZA Central Registry Contacts below. You can also add new contacts by clicking Add Contact button.

That’s it. Now you can perform the following operations via HC panel :
  • Existing Domain Names in ZA Registry can be added via HC panel.
  • New Domain Names can be registered in ZA Registry using HC panel.
  • Domain Names can be transferred from ZA Registry to any other Domain Registrar.
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