How to customize HC 10 Panel interface

Question: How to apply branding on HC Login and Home Page?
Answer: There are three steps involved in re‐branding HC control‐panel. Please follow the given steps to perform all the tasks related to customizing and branding HC.

Branding HC Login page: You can re-brand the highlighted locations in the following screenshot of the HC login page and follow the steps further given below.

  1. The first location to change is the logo on the login page. For this, go to the directory path C:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Portal\Content\images. Here, replace the image (PNG) file named “hcwhitelogo.png” with the required logo to be placed on the login page.
    Note: Make sure to use the same name “hcwhitelogo.png” for replacing the logo.
  2. For changing the “Control Panel Login” text on the login page of HC, navigate to the directory path C:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Portal\Languages\english and open the “Resource.xml” file with notepad. Here search for the following tag and change the CDATA text.
         <heading category="ControlPanelLogin"><![CDATA[Control Panel Login]]></heading>
         This will change the text on the control‐panel’s login page.
Branding HC Login Page Title:  There are two parts of branding the page title. First, the favicon logo and then the title text appearing on the browser tab. Process for both are mentioned below.
  1. To change the favicon logo, navigate to the C:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Portal and replace the “favicon.ico” file with the required logo.
    Note: Make sure to name the new logo image as “favicon.ico”.
  2. For changing the page title “Hosting Controller”, navigate to HC installation directory path C:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Portal and edit the “app.config” file with notepad. Here, replace the pageTitle="Hosting Controller" to the required title text.
Branding HC panel after Login: The process to change the company name on HC’s web interface after login is self‐explanatory by the given below screenshots. You can also place your company banner by entering the URL for it and HC will automatically show the logo on the HC header.
That’s it, now all branding is done. In case of any further queries or assistance, send an email to