Reasons for Server showing Down in HC10 panel

Question: My Server is showing DOWN in HC10 panel. What can be the possible reasons behind it?
Answer: Server can show down in HC10 panel due to one of the following reasons:
Reason 1:  Server will show as DOWN, if credentials of added server are incorrect or changed.
Resolution: Verify the connectivity and save the updated credentials of added Server at this path Configurations >> Server Manager >> Servers >> Edit Server in HC panel as shown in this screenshot. 
Reason 2: Servers will show as DOWN if IP of Control Server is changed or modified in HC Control Server at this path : Control Server Configurations >> Server Manager >> Servers >> Edit Server and  under  Configurations >> Control Server Manager  >> Control Servers.
Resolution: IP of the control server can be changed or modified by following this path: Manage Control Servers >> Control Server Manager >> Control Servers.
Reason 3: Servers added in the cluster will be showing as DOWN if HC Provisioning Service is stopped on the server and following error will be shown:
Resolution: Restart the HC Provisioning Service by following this path Start >> Run >> Services.msc
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