How to fetch Public Key Fingerprint for configuring VMware role in Hosting Controller v10

How to fetch Public Key Fingerprint for configuring VMware role in Hosting Controller v10

For scenarios where OS templates are required to be stored and fetched from a central location, Hosting Controller provides the option of central repositories. These central repositories can be maintained on separate Windows servers. To learn more, see Repository Management.

Once a central repository is configured and OS templates are placed in it, Hosting Controller copies an OS template from the Windows repository and places it on the ESXi host while provisioning a VM. This copying process is not possible without the Public Key Fingerprint of the ESXi host.
Fingerprints are a short sequence of letters and numbers that uniquely identify public keys. As Public keys are large, therefore much shorter fingerprints are the best way to uniquely identify them. When trying to login to a remote computer using SSH, it’s the fingerprint of the key of the host machine that is verified. In the case of VMware fingerprints are required because OS templates are to be fetched from a repository residing on a remote Windows server. Fingerprints prove vital here in identifying the ESXi host that needs to be accessed during the process of copying templates.
To fetch the fingerprint of the ESXi host follow the steps below:
From Linux Machine
  1. Start the SSH service on the ESXi host through VSphere Client by navigating to the path Configuration >> Security Profile >> Properties (Services)>> SSH >> Options.

  2. Type the command scp root@IP:ServerFingerprint /root/ServerKeyInfo.txt to connect to the ESXi host.

  3. Copy the Key Fingerprint.
From Windows Machine
  1. Install WinSCP.exe tool on the Windows machine.
  2. Connect to the ESXi host using SCP protocol.
  3. Copy the Key Fingerprint from the warning dialogue box which appears next. 

This Fingerprint will be inserted in HC at the following location: