How to configure WHMCS with Hosting Controller v10

Question: How to setup Hosting Controller 10 with WHMCS?

WHMCS is one of the most popular billing and automation platforms. Hosting Controller provides a firm integration with WHMCS for the purpose of provisioning Websites, VMs and Exchange resources. The integration of WHMCS with HC10 involves a two-step process:
  1. Preparing WHMCS for HC10
  2. Configuring WHMCS
Preparing WHMCS for HC10
Configuring HC10 with WHMCS requires installation of WHMCS on any of your machines. Once done, you may proceed with the configurations. Steps to follow for installation are:
  1. Follow the Installing WHMCS document detailing the procedure to install WHMCS.
  2. Download HC.php file from Downloads section on HC website.
  3. Create a folder by the name of “HC” at WHMCS\modules\servers and place the HC.php file in this folder.

Configuring WHMCS
Configuring WHMCS comprises of the following steps:
  1. Adding a Server
  2. Adding a Product
  3. Adding a WHMCS Client
  4. Adding a New Order
  5. Creating a Service
For further details on these configuration steps refer to Configuring WHMCS

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