How to configure SitePro website builder with Hosting Controller? is a professional website builder for website owners and hosting providers. website pages can easily be edited using Hosting Controller.
Hosting Controller v10: 
Detailed instructions are listed in this Link 
Hosting Controller v9:
Below steps apply only on Hosting Controller Panel version 9;
  1. Configuring settings in Hosting Controller.
  2. Adding to a website.
  3. Configuring settings in Hosting Controller:

    The settings in Hosting Controller must be enabled and saved at Host, Reseller and Webadmin levels at this menu : Panel Configuration :: Configure Services :: Configure
 Settings Explained:
        Enable You need to select this checkbox in order to enable at host level in HC panel. API URL: This is premium or enterprise URL for
        User Name: UserName provided to you by
        Password: Password provided to you by
        Note: If Reseller and Webadmin do not have their own account then they can use the Host Settings which are provided by host admin in HC panel.
        Pre-requisites to Installation: Prior to installing on a website, the following pre-requisites should be met:
  1. FTP User account using which will connect to your website must be associated with the website in HC panel.
  2. configurations are saved in HC panel.
Having met the pre-requisites, you may proceed with the installation of on your website using Hosting Controller control panel.
2. Adding to a website:
    In order to install on a website, follow the steps given below:
  1. Login as Reseller/Webadmin in HC panel.
  2. Navigate to the menu: Hosting Services :: Manage Websites :: My Websites.
  3. Select the website on which you wish to install
  4. Click on button.
Now you will be redirected to the website and from there you will be able to publish the templates on your website.