What is Sync Resource in HC Exchange Module?

A new Sync Resource feature has been introduced in HC panel which allows the synchronization of Exchange resources inside HC panel automatically. Why is it required and what it does is explained as under:

Why is the Sync Resources menu required?

It is required because Exchange Hosters normally wish to synchronize objects which are manually changed in Exchange. So, for those organizations where manual changes are performed often, Sync Resources menu is introduced which helps to synchronize only those specific organizations via Hosting Controller.

Earlier on Hosting Controller used to synchronize all Exchange organizations via Mail Scheduler which would consume lots of time and system resources since synchronization was made using Exchange calls and then updating them inside Hosting Controller Database for mailboxes, distribution lists etc.

With this new menu only the specified organizations selected under it would be synchronized when the next Scheduled Updates are run for Mail Servers at : Panel Configuration :: Configure Services :: Scheduler Settings.

What it does?

This menu allows you to synchronize objects related to a particular organization at a specified time interval. Its location is: “Panel Configuration :: Configure Services :: Scheduler Settings” for “Mail Update Settings” . Rest of the organizations which are unchecked at Panel Configuration :: Exchange Module Configuration :: Sync Resources are not updated at the time specified under Mail Schedulers.