SQL Server Database Backup remains in queue

Question: I have clicked on Backup DB button in HC panel at: "Hosting Services :: Manage Databases :: Databases". However, the database backup has not completed and still is in queue.

There could be several reasons for this:

Reason 1:
If the instance name of SQL Server has changed.

Resolution: If the MSSQL instance name has changed and the client's existing Databases were created with an old SQL Server instance name, SQL instance name would have to be renamed for these existing databases in HC panel. To do so, open SQL Management Studio, and navigate to "Databases >> HC Database >> Tables >> tblDatabases”. Update field "InstanceName" corresponding to these existing databases with the latest DB instance name.

Reason 2: If the MSSQL Backup Directory already contains database.bak file for the database.

Resolution: In this case HC Backup process for this database would remain in queue unless you rename the database.bak file in MSSQL Backup Directory. The default backup directory for MSSQL is: \Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Backup.

Reason 3: If DCOM is not configured properly on the DB and Web servers.

Resolution: To resolve this, go to Start >> Run >> dcomcnfg >> Component Services >> Computers >> My Computer >> DCOM Config. Right click FileTranferService and take properties and click on Security tab. Assign Everyone full permissions on:

  • Launch and Activation permissions
  • Access permissions
  • configuration permissions
After this, restart the IIS if it exists on the machine.