How to configure LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) with HC

How to configure LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) with HC


LiteSpeed Web Server is a lightweight web server
capable of reading Apache configurations directly. It is now supported with HC.

Instructions for Configuring LiteSpeed

By default LiteSpeed is not configured with Apache Web Server. Therefore some additional steps are needed for its configuration. 

  • After successful installation of LiteSpeed Web Server you can access its user interface through this URL: http://serverip:7080/ 
  • Now go to server configuration page from navigation menu. (Configurations => Server)
  • Scroll down the page to bottom and click “Using Apache Configuration File”.
  • Now Click “Edit Link” and set the properties accordingly as described below: 

                        Load Apache Configuration       Yes
Auto Reload On Changes          No
Apache Binary Path                   /usr/sbin/httpd
Apache Configuration File          /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
Apache Port Offset                   3000

Note: LiteSpeed will add this value to the default Apache port (i.e. 80) and use the added value such as 3080. If you want to use default port 80 then you can set it to 0 or leave it blank. For further details see this link

    Apache IP Offset                     Not Set
    Apache Handled Content          Not Set
    Ignore Apache Modules            Not Set
     Just In Time Configuration         Not Set
PHP suEXEC                           Yes
PHP suEXEC Max Conn           Not Set
Enable FrontPage Extension     Not Set
Apache Environment                 Not Set 

And then click “Save link”.

  • On the same page, now scroll up and click on “Index Files” and then click “Edit link”.
  • Set Auto Index to ‘Yes’ and then click “Save Link”.

Follow the steps below for replacing the patch file on your Linux machine:

  • Download the file ( 
  • Extract the file ( 
  • Stop HC 9 services on Linux machine through this command: hc9 stop
  • Replace the downloaded file ( with the existing one which is located at this path: (/usr/local/hostingcontroller/bin).
  • Now start the HC 9 services through this command: hc9 start

Configurations in HC

Further additional steps are required to configure LiteSpeed in HC Panel:

  • Login to HC panel as Host (hcadmin).
  • Go to the path Manage Servers :: My Servers :: Edit Server :: Web Server.
  • On this Linux WebServer role configuration page change the default PID File Path with liteSpeed PID file path by clicking the browse button i.e. (/tmp/lshttpd/
  • And then Update the Web Server Role. 

LiteSpeed server is now properly configured with HC. You may now create websites from your HC panel and access them like domain:offset (where offset is the port offset which you have configured above in LiteSpeed) i.e or if your offset was set to 0 then