How to assign a Dedicated Server to a Reseller?

Question: How to assign a Dedicated Server to a Reseller ? 
 Now with HC each Reseller can have an entirely separate box to himself. This means dedicating a server and its resources to a Reseller while still being able to manage it in a cluster. Confined within the limits of a server, the Reseller now gets to create and manage his end customers with the added convenience of being able to access remote machines for his Mail/DNS/DB needs.
  The core concept of a Dedicated Reseller can be best understood by the help of an example. Let’s assume there are four servers in a typical environment with the following roles:  
Server A (Web, Database) 
 Server B (Mail) 
 Server C (Web) 
 Server D (DNS)

Likewise there are two Resellers in the HC cluster:  
 Reseller 1
 Reseller 2

Now suppose Server A is dedicated to Reseller 1 and the rest of the machines are not dedicated to any Reseller i.e. they are available to everyone:

Server A (Web, Database) - Dedicated to Reseller 1
 Server B (Mail) -
 Available to Everyone
 Server C (Web) -
 Available to Everyone
 Server D (DNS) -
 Available to Everyone

Furthering the hypothesis, the following three scenarios explain best the utilization of the servers by the Resellers:

If Reseller 1 creates a website, it would be created on Server A, as it is dedicated to him alone and has a web role available while if he goes on to create a maildomain, it would indeed be created on Server B which has the mail role but is not dedicated to any Reseller and can be shared among all, even by the dedicated Reseller 1 himself.

If Reseller 2 (who does not have any server assigned to him) tries to create a website, only Server C would be available to him, as it’s not dedicated to any Reseller. HC will not let him use Server A’s web facility as that has already been reserved for Reseller 1. On the contrary the Database facility of Server A can only be utilized by Reseller 1 and no one else since it’s already dedicated to him.

For their Mail and DNS needs both the Resellers will utilize Server B and Server D respectively as both of them are not assigned to any Reseller and are open for general use.