Public Folder Implementation changes after version HC 9.10

As per the Microsoft recommendations and limitations given in the link, we are going to change the implementation of Public Folder Mailboxes for Exchange 2013 in HC. The changes are

  1. Public Folder Mailboxes will no longer be available as a resource in plan.
  2. Webadmin can no longer manage public folder mailboxes.
  3. Only Host can add/delete public folder mailboxes.
  4. Host can assign the public folder mailboxes to individual resellers.
  5. Resellers can further assign public folder mailboxes to their webadmins.
  6. At the time of the public folder creation, the webadmin can select from the assigned public folder mailboxes instead of creating a new one.

For Existing Customers

  1. After installation of HC build 9.10, all public folder mailboxes will be automatically moved from Organization’s OUs to a standard OU named “PF Mailboxes” under the Root OU configured in HC server settings.
  2. At public folder creation, if no pf mailbox allocated, all pf mailboxes allocated to associated reseller will be available to webadmin.
  3. If no pf mailbox is allocated to reseller, all pf mailboxes that existing under “PF Mailboxes” OU will be available.