AD Connect Sync tool is not syncing user password

Problem: HC ADSync utility is not syncing user Password?

Resolution: Please follow the below instructions to resolve such issue:
  1. After the installation of HC ADSync utility it will open the configuration section, once you complete it then you must restart machine otherwise HC AD Sync password hook mechanism will not be loaded by the system.

  2. Ensure the password hook file HCpwdSync.dll is properly loaded on the DC, go to C:\Windows\System32 on the DC where AD Connect Sync is installed. Right-click HCpwdSync.dll file and click on Delete. If the password hook component is loaded properly then you will not be allowed to delete the HCpwdSync.dll file. Else if the file is deleted then restore the file from recycle bin and reboot the AD Connect Sync Server for the HCpwdSync.dll component to load properly.

  3.  The AD account must be a member of the AD Sync security group (OUName_Sync). This security group creates the Sync tool on local DC in the root of an organization.

  4. On the Local AD if you have multiple secondary DCs then you must install the  AD Sync Secondary installer (*configure ADSync connectivity and then reboot the system). Otherwise, the password will not be captured by the HC AD Sync if it changes from Secondary DC.