How to backup HCnix Hosting data using RBX

Question: How to backup HCnix Hosting data using RBX?

RBX has been provided as a built-in module for HCnix panel. You can follow the given steps to configure it inside the panel and take backup:

  1. Login to the host-admin level in HCnix and navigate to the path Backup Services :: Backup Services :: Configure Server Backup.

  2. On configuration page, provide the required details in the fields under the following sections:
    • Configured Server Roles: Select the server that you want to backup through HCnix here. Moreover, also define the specific roles (Web, DB, DNS, and Mail) that should be backed-up. If you want to backup the webspace then also check mark the respective option “Backup Webspace”.
    • HCnix Database Login Information: Provide MySQL root user credentials here if you want to backup HCnix database as well.
    • Backup Location: Define backup location. RBX can be set to backup and place the data on the local machine, or remote server. In case of remote server, provide the FTP details of the remote machine for connection purpose.
    • Backup Schedule: Schedule the backup operation here. You can set the scheduler to backup the data on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
    • Purge Previous Backups: Enable this option if you want to purge the previous backups to optimize the disk usage.

  3. Once the configuration has been completed, click on “Configure Backup” button. It will initiate the scheduler for backup operation. The backup will be taken on the time interval that has been defined in the backup scheduler settings.

  4. If you want to stop the backup scheduler, navigate to the same path Backup Services :: Backup Services :: Configure Server Backup at the host-admin level and click on “Unconfigure Backup” button at the right bottom of the page.

You can also sell backup resources to the webadmin in the hosting-plans for giving them the option to backup their individual resources (Web, DB, DNS and Mail).

Note: When running RBX in non-license mode it will backup limited number of data, in order to avail complete backup/restore functionality you should buy RBX add-on against your HCnix key.