How to configure WHMCS in Hosting Controller v9?


Question: How to setup Hosting Controller v9 with WHMCS?

Answer: Hosting Controller is integrated with WHMCS for billing. The integration allows seamless provisioning of Shared Hosting (Windows/Linux), Exchange Mail Only Hosting, virtual machines etc. For a complete tutorial please visit this Link.

On the machine where WHMCS is installed, create a folder with name "HC" at
WHMCS\modules\servers\ path. Then download the required files to configure WHMCS with Hosting Controller. These required files can be downloaded from this link:

This zipped archive contains 3 files "HC.php","hcsettings.xml" and "readme.txt" respectively. You can copy HC.php and hcsettings.xml files in HC folder created inside WHMCS installation path at :\modules\servers\HC (view readme.txt file for tags description of hcsettings.xml file).

For configuration of WHMCS with Hosting Controller, HCAPI must be configured on one of the Windows machines. To enable HCAPI, view the instructions below:

Enabling HCAPI

There are 2 ways to enable HCAPI:

i) Enabling HCAPI within HC panel on a website
ii) Enabling HCAPI manually in IIS

i) Enabling HCAPI within HC panel on a website: HC API can be enabled on a website in the Panel at host level by navigating menu: Panel Configuration :: Configure Services :: API Configurations at host level in HC panel.

ii) Enabling HCAPI manually in IIS: If you do not have Webserver(IIS) role configured on any of your server in HC cluster then you can follow the manual steps given below for creating API end points:  

  1. Open IIS and then create a webapplication with the name HCAPI under Default Website.
  2. Point this web application Home Directory path as : C:\Program Files\HostingController\API\Webservice
  3. Select UserManager.asmx as the Default Document for this webapplication.
  4. Run this HCAPI under HCAppPool application pool by changing its application pool from IIS >> Default Website >> HCAPI >> Manage Application >> Advanced Settings.
These steps will create a webapplication with the name of HCAPI under the default site in IIS and will be accessible from http://yourip/hcapi/usermanager.asmx