How to configure Lync Resource Kit for call forwarding

Question: How to configure Lync Resource Kit for call forwarding?


To support call forwarding, you need to install Microsoft Lync Server Resource Kit.
  1. Install Microsoft Lync Resource Kit on default path.
  2. Create new Trusted Application pool in Lync Server (or you can use existing)
    New-CsTrustedApplicationPool -Identity -Registrar  -Site Site:LAbsite1
  3. Add SEFAUtil in Trusted Application Pool
    New-CsTrustedApplication -ApplicationId sefautil -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn  -Port 7489
  4. Verify the SEFAUtil is running correctly. To do this, run the SEFAUtil.exe from a windows command prompt (cmd) with administrator privileges to display the call forwarding settings of a user in the deployment.
    By default the tool will be located in: “…\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Reskit”.

            To display the call forwarding settings of a user, use the following command:
    SEFAUtil.exe /

    The call forwarding settings of the user should be displayed.

    User Aor:
    Display Name: <User Name>
    UM Enabled: False
    Simulring enabled: False
    CallForwarding Enabled: false
  5. Insert C:\Program Files\Skype for Business Server 2015\ResKit as System Variable path under Environment Variables in the System Properties. Don't remove the previous paths rather append this path at the end of the string with a semicolon.