Hosting Controller Dynamics CRM 2011 Configuration

Question: How to Configure Hosting Controller with Dynamic CRM 2011 ?


In order to successfully run Hosting Controller with MS Dynamics CRM 2011, you need to configure Dynamics CRM as described below:

Dynamics CRM Deployment Administrators have complete and unrestricted access to perform Deployment Manager tasks on all organizations and servers in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment. So to perform deployment and management tasks, you need to configure settings with Deployment Administrator permissions.

  1. Run 'MSCRMAsyncService' and 'MSCRMAsyncService$maintenance' using CRM Deployment Administrator (domain\administrator) account

  2. Run CRMAppPool using CRM Deployment Administrator (domain\administrator) account in IIS and set application mode to Classic mode

  3. Run CrmDeploymentServiceAppPool using CRM Deployment Administrator (domain\administrator) account in IIS and set application mode toClassic mode

  4. Add CRM Deployment Administrator (domain\administrator) and Domain\CRM_Machine_Account to Local administrators on SQL machine and give ‘dbowner’ and ‘read/write’ rights CRM Config database

  5. Add Domain\CRM_Machine_Account to Domain administrators in Acitve Direcoty

  6. Add CRM Depolyment Administrator and CRM_Machine_Account to SQL administrator 

  7. Run 'HC Remoting' and 'HC Sync' services under CRM Deployment Administrator (domain\administrator) account

  8. Add Full permission on CRM OU to Domain\CRM_Machine_Account and Domain\administrator in Active Directory

  9. Grant Full permissions on 'Database Folder (mdf & log file)' to CRM Deployment Administrator (domain\administrator) account

  10. Change value of <httpRuntime executionTimeout="300"> to <httpRuntime executionTimeout="2000"> in web.config of the CRM Web sever  (Optional)