How to migrate a website from one Web Server to another through HC panel?

Question: How to migrate a website from one Web Server to another through HC panel?


HC has a built-in feature for migrating websites from one Web Server to another. 

Note: Below instructions applies for both Windows and Linux website migration

  1. Login in HC at host-admin level and navigate to the path Panel Configuration :: Migration :: Move Websites.

  2. Select the required website and the new Web Server where you want it to be transferred. After that, click on the "Move Website" button, and the operation will be queued up for authorization.

  3. Once the operation has been queued up for authorization, you will receive a confirmation email on the email address specified in the personal profile inside HC panel. Click on the confirmation link in the email to trigger the migration operation of the website.

  4. If you do not receive the email due to any reason, then you can also trigger the operation by navigating to the path Administrative Tools :: System Jobs :: Scheduled Tasks at host-admin level and selecting the action "Start" in front of the corresponding queued operation. As soon as you have triggered it, the website will be transferred to the required Web Server.

  5. After the migration process has completed, you will receive another email regarding the details and further operations pertaining to the removal of the website from the first Web Server from where it was migrated.

Note: The website migration module will move the website completely from one server to another including the Website data folder. It will also update the DNS zone and will transfer the virtual directories as well. However, it will not move associated databases or mail domains.