After updating HC10 build few of the menus are missing from HC10 Configurations section

Question : After installing HC10 latest build few of the menus are missing from the Configurations Section. How can this be resolved ?
Answer : This is rare scenario where Resource.xml file located at C:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Languages\English\Resource.xml on HC Control Server is not updated after upgrading from any previous build of HC10 to the latest build of HC10. In such scenario several of the menus are randomly not shown under Configurations Section. Please see below screenshot where few menus are not listing after the upgrade to the latest build of HC10.
Resolution : To rectify the problem, follow the instructions given below.
  1. Login to your HC10 Control Server using any remote access software.
  2. Navigate to HC10 installation path on : C:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Languages\English\
  3. Remove the file Resource.xml from : C:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Languages\English\Resource.xml (Better to take backup of HC installation folder prior to removing any file to avoid any  unforeseen issue due to wrong deletion of file)
  4. Now apply HC10 Primary latest build installer again on HC Control Server by following the instructions as mentioned in this kb article :
After the update , Resource.xml file will be replaced with the latest file and issue related to menus not listing will also be resolved. If the issue still persists then please open a ticket with Hosting Controller support department by sending an email to