How to install and configure Hosting Controller mobile application?

Question : How to install and configure Hosting Controller mobile application for android?
Answer : Hosting Controller now offers mobile application for its android users. Anyone can login into the HC10 mobile app and perform different tasks related to their Hosting Services such as : Editing General/Billing profiles, Change passwords, view notifications, view invoices, view reports, raise trouble tickets, view due bills and many more.
How to install Hosting Controller Mobile Application? 
You can follow the steps given below for installing Hosting Controller application on android devices:
1) Open Google Play Store.
2) Search for  "Hosting Controller".
3) Click Install.
4) Open App and it will ask you to scan the QR code.
5) Login to HC10 panel and click on Device Notifications Settings as shown in the below screenshot. 
6) Upon clicking Device Notifications Settings link, HC will display you a personalized QR code like the one shown below.
7) Scan the QR code with the phone app and app will ask for the HC password once for security.
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