How to get Amazon Web Service User Access and Secret Keys

Question: How to get Amazon Web Service User Access and Secret Keys?
To get User Access Key ID and User Secret Access Key, you need to log on to your AWS account and perform following steps:
  1. Under All Services >> Security, Identity & Compliance section, click IAM (Identity & Access Management).
    TIP: If you couldn’t find IAM under All Services section, simply search it by typing IAM in the search bar.

  2. Click Users from the left menu

  3. Click Add User

  4. Specify following information and click Next: Permission to proceed:
    i: Under Set user details, type User name.
    ii: Under Select AWS access type, select Access Type as Programmatic access

  5. Now either create a new security group or you can use an existing group. The screenshot shows further steps for Attach existing policies directly. Under Policy name, select Administrator Access and then click Next: Review.

  6. Review your settings and click Create user to proceed otherwise click Previous to specify settings as required.

  7. Copy Access key ID and Secret access key for Control Panel Credentials. 
    Warning: Please be informed that Secret access key is shown only once on this screen right after user is added therefore, copy/note it for further use.  

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