Mismatched Exchange usage report showing up in the HC9 control panel

Question:  Exchange Mailbox, Groups, or Mail Contacts Quota Report is not synchronized in the HC9 control panel?

Answer: Hosting Controller Sync service runs daily to synchronize Mailbox,Mail Contacts, Distribution Lists usage between Exchange Mail server and HC database. Different time intervals can be set for this schedule at HC host level path : "Panel Configuration :: Configure Services :: Scheduler Setting". Here you can select the Exchange Mail server from drop down box and enable "Resource Update Settings" with desired time interval.

If you want to run this synchronize process manually then connect to your Exchange server through RDP

  1. Go to command prompt and navigate to the path: X:\Program Files\HostingController\Web\Bin
  2. Execute this query:  HCDBChanges.exe sync_mailboxes
  3. If report is not showing correctly for a single domain then you can also give its organization name in the command, like:
    HCDBChanges.exe sync_mailboxes <OU_NAME>
     This will instantly synchronize the mailboxes usage in the HC database and will also display the correct usage in HC panel.
    Note: Same command mentioned in step 3 can be performed for synchronizing Mail Contacts and Distribution Lists by replacing the parameter sync_mailboxes with sync_distributionlists or sync_mailcontacts i.e. "HCDBChanges.exe sync_mailcontacts <OU_NAME>" OR "HCDBChanges.exe sync_distributionlists <OU_NAME>"