HC login page is not displaying Languages in the drop down box and during login gives "Error: Unable to find ErrorCodes.xml file"

Question: Whenever I try to login to HC panel, the language drop down field shows empty, and after inserting user login credentials HC throws “Error: Unable to find ErrorCodes.xml file”.


This issue may appear on the login screen due to the following reasons:

  1. MSSQL Server services are not running or are not responding. If such is the case, try restarting them.

  2. HC database connection is failing with the SQL database Server. In order to solve, go to HC installation directory x:\HostingController\Applications folder open RegisteredServer.exe, here click Register button and make sure it gives a success message.

  3. Also this error may appear when the HCAppPool in the IIS is configured to run under a 32 bit environment (It should be turned OFF by running Windows x64 edition). You can check by Right clickng on HCAppPool >Advanced Settings > and set the “Enable 32-bit Applications” option as “False”.

  4. Make sure that the .Net Trust Level is set to FULL(internal) under HostingController website in IIS.