What are the limitation when HC Panel is running in Demo Period ?

Question: What are the limitations of Hosting Controller when running in Demo Period ?

Listed below are the limits of each resource in a Demo Period:

Shared Hosting

 Websites   Unlimited  Within 30 days 
 MailDomains (Non-Exchange)  Unlimited   Within 30 days
 DNS    Unlimited   Within 30 days
 Databases (Mysql/MSSQL)  Unlimited   Within 30 days

Enterprise Hosting

Exchange Mail Domains   2 
Exchange Mailboxes  10
SharePoint Sites  2
SharePoint Users  10
Sip Domains   2
Lync Users  10
BlackBerry Activation  5
Virtual Machines  1
 AD Sync Users  10


Roles  Backup  Restore 
Websites  5  5
Mail domains (Non-Exchange)  5  5
DNS  5  5
Databases  5  5

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