Conversion for Exchange Mailboxes Permissions from ACL to ABP

Question: How to convert Exchange mailbox permissions from ACL to Address Book Policies (ABP) after the introduction of HC9 ?


Till HC8 build13 exchange mailbox segregation were handled using ACL method but after Exchange 2010 SP2 was released Microsoft started supporting Mailbox segregation using Address Book Policies. Following Microsoft's recommendations Hosting controller will no longer create mailboxes through the old ACL method if the client is using Exchange 2010 SP2.

It is important to convert existing mail account segregation permissions from ACL to ABP. For this HC has provided a utility which can be downloaded from this LINK place the folder in Exchange Machine HC installation folder /HostingController/Applications and execute file HCEx2010SP2ACLToABPMigration.exe.

Note: If you have multiple Primary Exchange machines added to the HC cluster then execute the utility on all of them. But if in the cluster there is a single Primary Exchange machine and rest of Exchange machines are added with Secondary role then there is no need to run the utility on other machines (Secondary Exchange Machines).

Important: Don't run the utility if you are running Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 SP1