Error : 72302010 : You do not have sufficient quota

Question: When I try to add a mail domain, I get this error in the HC and I don't see the domain in the "Mail Doman" list. Error : 72302010 : You do not have sufficient quota, how to fix the problem ?
 If HC panel throws following Error : 72302010 while creating a hosting service like mail domain, Database, DNS, Mailbox, FTP user, Statistic site etc, it clearly means that WebAdmin does not have sufficient resource quota.
 Ensure that user has sufficient quota of that particular resource i-e mail domain in Hosting Plan. To verify login to panel as a reseller, navigate to the menu Reports :: Hosting Quota and check the report for that particular WebAdmin. If the quota is not available then follow the steps listed below

      • Login to panel as a Reseller
      • Go to " Hosting Plan :: My Plans :: Edit Plan " This will display all sold plan resources which can be edited or added by Reseller i-e Mail Domain resource and it will instantly be available for all users using this plan.
      • An alternative to second step is that a reseller can sell an Add-on of a particular resource from " Hosting Plans :: Add-ons :: Sell Add-on" choose the WebAdmin from list and click Sell. 

After this try to create or add hosting service i-e the mail domain.