How to add a custom field in user profile

Question: How to add a Custom Field in user profile ?
Generally user profiles come with standard set of fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email etc. However occasionally need for additional user defined fields may arise. A specific requirement may warrant these additional fields like the requirement of a Gender or Passport No. field. To cater to such additional requirements Hosting Controller forwards the concept of Custom Fields. Extra fields carrying additional information can be added to HC user profiles.

The following is the process to enable Custom Fields in Hosting Controller:

1. Login in HC Panel as the Host or Reseller and navigate to this location Panel Configuration :: Customer Settings :: General Settings.
2. There click on the option Add Custom Field.
3. Enter the new field name and select profiles wherein you want to display the new field i.e. General Profile or Billing Profile.
4. Select Yes check box if you want to keep the "filling in" requirement for this field optional and not mandatory. Otherwise HC will require that you compulsorily “fill in” this field while completing the form.
5. Press Save Settings button.

Note: If the Host adds this field the addition would only be visible to its Resellers. Likewise if a Reseller adds this Custom Field the addition would only be visible in the profiles of its associated Webadmins.