How to configure GENE6 FTP server on windows machine?

Question: How to configure GENE6 FTP server on windows machine?
Follow the steps given below to properly configure GENE6 with HC.

Step for x86 machines:

  1. First of all create a Default FTP site manually in GENE6 FTP Server.
  2. Then login to HC panel as "host admin".
  3. Go to the location Server Manager :: Global Settings and here select GENE6 as your FTP Server.
  4. After this go to Server Manager :: Edit Server :: Webserver. Here you will configure GENE6 FTP Server.

Following above points will configure GENE6 with HC. Now as you will add webadmin accounts these will also be added as FTP accounts inside the GENE6 FTP Server.

Steps for x64 machines:

Note: Repeat step (1-4) mentioned above as it is on x64 machines. Now after this follow these steps:

  1. Open registry using regedit and go to installation path of Gene6 FTP server which is: SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Gene6 FTP Server_is1.
  2. Here copy the contents of this Inno Setup: App Path attribute on right side pane.
  3. Now go to this registry entry, SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and right click it.
  4. Here create a new key with the name Gene6 FTP Server_is1 and add an attribute Inno Setup: App Path as string type to it on right side pane.
  5. Now right click it, click modify and paste the value which you copied in step# 2.