How to use Auto Signup in any other language other than English?

Question: I am getting following error while accessing Auto-signup in any other language other than English:
73600310: Access denied; Auto Signup is currently disabled.

Answer: If you are using HC control panel in any foreign language other than English you would face this error. To resolve this issue you can follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Login into HC panel.
  • Navigate to the menu : Auto Signup :: General Configurations :: Auto Signup Themes :: Contents and Languages
  • Add the language in which you are trying to run the Auto-signup

    For example
    Langauge Name : French
    Langauge Descriptive Name : French

 Now select French and click button Customize and translate/copy-paste French content in the Auto signup template pages. 

Launch Auto signup URL
 English : Language=English
You can change in French by simply change its name at the end like

French : Language=French