How to add SRV record through HC Panel


Question: How to add SRV  record in Hosting Controller for new and existing mail domains ?

Login in HC panel as host go to " Cluster Configuration :: Manage Servers :: My Servers :: Edit Server :: Mail Server... Tick the check box SRV Record
Host Name Offering SRV Service :    “live domain name for which you have configured SSL.”

Now when you will add new mail domain HC will automatically add SRV record in the dns zone file.

For existing mail domain if SRV record not existed in the dns

Login in the HC Panel as reseller/webadmin go to Hosting Services :: Manage DNS :: DNS Zones :: Edit Zone

Add SRV record will following entries

Record Name :   _autodiscover._tcp  

Record Data: 0 0 443

Note: is the domain on which you would have configured SSL

Text editor to add SRV record in existing zone

_autodiscover._tcp   IN   SRV    0 0 443

If you are not managing dns role within HC then follow the article to add manually SRV record