How do I upgrade from HC6.1 to HC8?

Question: How do I upgrade to latest HC from HC6.1?

This article explains upgrade procedure to HC8 for customers who are moving from HC6.1.

Upgrading from HC6.1:
Upgrading from previous version is a simple 2-step procedure.  

Step 1:
License Upgrade

First get the HC key from online upgrade store.
Proceed to Upgrade

Step 2:
Data Upgrade

Download HC and run the setup program on your server. 
Note: You must install HC8 build8 (not latest installer ) once upgrade done then you can download and modify with latest HC8 build installer.

Download URL:
x86 :

    1.    To configure your Cluster and Global Settings, here are some steps to follow:

          •    Server Roles should be same as in previous HC versions (HC6).

          •    Webspace Root Path and other third party applications (DNS, FTP, Stats, Mail, Scripting etc) should be same as they were in HC6.1 and those can be enabled at host admin level at this path: Server Manager :: Global Settings. You must add server in the cluster before moving further. Server can be added from Server Manager :: Add Server.

          •    Host Panel Settings (including Billing Configurations and My Server Configurations) should be configured properly before starting upgrade and those can be configured at host admin level at this path Server Manager :: Edit Server.
Here are
Detail instructions to configure HC.

          •    Host can import users in HC one-by-one or by selecting few/all at a time. It is recommended to import reseller one by one.

          •    After migrating any user (reseller/webadmin), you will not be able to operate that user from HC6.1.

          •    After complete migration you will not be able to operate HC6.1.

          •    If your Mail, Database and DNS Servers are remotely configured, then these servers should be added in the cluster before starting upgrade.

    2.    It is recommended to stop all HC6 Services before running HC upgrade utility.

    3.    Run the migration utility from Start :: Programs :: HostingController :: Upgrade Utility.

    4.    After completion, it will display you the summary of whole action performed during migration of reseller(s).


    •    Enable "Send mail to rename users" option, if you want to send notification email to those users which were renamed during upgrade process because they were created on more than one HC6 WebServers.

    •    During Upgrade process don't terminate the utility forcefully otherwise it may create serious issues.

    •    Upgrade all HC6 web servers one by one.

    •    If you are using older version than HC6.1 (HC6.0, HC2002 or HC1.4.x) and want to upgrade to latest HC, you must first upgrade to HC6.1 with hotfix 3.3.

    •    Customers can hire HC support team for server migration task.