How to configure HCnix with WHMCS?

Question: How to configure HCnix with WHMCS?

Following instructions apply only for HCnix Panel which is a standalone Linux Control Panel. These steps should be followed once you have successfully installed WHMCS on your server.

  1. Enable HCAPI in HCnix from Host level path Panel Configuration :: Configure Services :: API Configurations.

  2. On WHMCS machine create folder with exact name "HC" in WHMCS\modules\servers\ path and copy HC.php and hcsettings.xml files in it.

  3. Open hcsettings.xml file and modify the HCnix API URL

    Note: PHP XML package must be installed on the Linux Server, use below command to install it
    Centos/Red-Hat: yum install php-xml
    Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install php5-xml
  4. Now login into WHMCS to add and configure HCnix Server

  5. Add HCnix server in WHMCS from Setup >> Product and Services >> Servers and enter the HCnix Panel server information. 
    Name: You can insert any friendly name for the Server
    HostName: Machine name where HCnix is running
    IP Address: Enter the IP address of HCnix machine

    Note: These information you can view in HCnix Panel at Host Level Cluster Configuration :: Manager Server

    In Server Details provide Reseller User Name and Password which you must create in HCnix Panel.
    Note: Don't provide HCnix Panel Host (hcadmin) login credentials, otherwise you will not be able to create websites from whmcs in HCnix Panel.


Create a Product and Services From Setup >> Product and Services >> Product and Services.
  • In Module Settings tab select Module Name = HC Plan Name: It the Hosting Plan name which you would have created in the HCnix Panel under the reseller, provide exactly the same plan name here.   

  • Select Custom Fields Tab and insert below information

    Field Name: Panel Login Name
    Field Type: Text Box
    Required Field: Enable
    Show on Order Form : Enable
    Press Save Button

    Now add the second Custom Field

    Field Name: Panel Login Password
    Field Type: Password
    Required Field: Enable
    Show on Order Form : Enable
    Press Save Button

Now the Whmcs is ready to be used with HCnix Panel, you can now add new client and product Services for them.