Why should I run HC Remoting with Domain\Administrator rights?

Question: Why should I run HC Remoting with Domain\Administrator or with a user having equivalent rights?

There are several Windows Services which are installed on the server during HC installation. One of these is HC Remoting Service. This is the major service responsible for all operations related to Exchange and HC control panel.

There are usually 4 types of Logon modes for Windows Services which are:

  1. Local System 
  2. Network Service
  3. Local Service
  4. Some specific User account.

If we run HC Remoting Service with any other rights such as "Local System”, “Network Service” or “Local Service”, most of the functions related to Exchange would not work as there are permission issues with these logon rights but when you run this HC Remoting Service with Domain Administrator OR with any user with equivalent rights as that of Domain Administrator, then all tasks would be performed by HC related to Exchange without any issue.