Why should a user upgrade to HC9?

Question: Why should a user upgrade from any previous version to HC9?



An upgrade from previous (HC6/HC7/HC8) versions to the latest version of HC (HC9) is required due to the following reasons:

  1. The foremost of all reasons is that all enhancements and bug fixes are provided in HC9 and not in the previous versions.
  2. New integrations such as Exchange 2016, Skype for Business 2015, BlackBerry, Dynamic CRM, MS SQL Server 2016, ProFTPD FTP Server (Linux), MSFTP 10, Realtime Register, Exim Mail Server (Linux) and a whole list of other newly integrated softwares can only be found in HC9. Old softwares falling under the HC8 click applications category may harm the servers because of the bugs which are updated in HC9. Also, the new versions can also easily be added to click apps using HC9.
  3.  Dedicated SSL support is now available with HC9.
  4.  Now with HC9 you can create Customizable Auto signups according to the look and feel of your website. In addition an Open source Auto signup code is now available for HC9.
  5.  Multiple Mail Server support is now offered with HC9, which has opened new avenues for Hosts offering more than 1 mail server to their end users.
  6. A Brand new and user friendly interface is now available only with HC9. 
  7. Ability for webadmin to create websites on both Windows and Linux servers.

  These are only a few of all the reasons. You would soon discover more with time as development of HC9 progresses, so you should consider upgrading to HC9 as soon as possible.

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