Unexpected error occurred in Microsoft Exchange 2010 OWA GAL

Question: Exchange 2010 showing error while displaying GAL in OWA


The GAL error, shown in picture#1, occurs in Exchange 2010 OWA due to the fact the HC removes “All Rooms” address list to implement Address Lists Segregation, and Exchange 2010 OWA tries to get it, and gets a garbage entry from the AD location shown in picture#2. You have to clear the AD attribute shown in picture#2 for its resolution.



The AD path to look for is:

 CN=Configuration, DC=Domain, DC=Domain


         CN =Microsoft Exchange

             CN = Exchange Organization

                    Right click “Exchange Organization” object, and click “Properties” and look for the attribute “msExchResourceAddressLists”. You have to clear this attribute, because this attribute contains a garbage value which is causing problem for OWA GAL.

 Note: “Exchange Organization” is the name of your exchange organization, which is “First Organization” by default.