How to hide/disable Click & Install Apps in HC panel

Question: How to hide/disable Click & Install Apps in HC panel ?


By following the steps given below you can totally hide/disable Click & Install Apps in the HC panel.

1) Login in HC panel as host and go to Panel Configuration :: Click & Install Apps Configuration :: Click & Install Apps Categories. Chose the category name (such as Forums) and press Edit Category button. On next screen uncheck "category type" for Windows/Linux. This way you can disable one by one all Click & Install Apps categories.

2) Then at the host go to Panel Configuration :: Configure Services :: Display Settings  and select option "Hide Menu Items when Disabled"

Note: Since you have disabled Click & Install Apps category using above instructions, make sure it is not assigned in the hosting plan under the host path

Hosting Plans :: Manage Plans :: My Plans :: Edit Plan :: Plan Resources. Exclude Click & Install Apps resources there.