How to add custom resource/Add-on in plan manager

Question: How could a custom resource/Addon be added and sold to the end users?

You can do so with the help of following steps:

1)    Login as Reseller in HC panel.

2)    Navigate to the menu Hosting Plans :: Add-Ons :: Add Resource and add your custom resource.

3)    Now set Default Unit Size as 1 and Default Recurring Price as per your need.

4)    Then choose the method for Billing as Bill with Plan or Monthly Billing.

5)    In the last step, add a plan from Hosting Plans :: Add Plan and this resource would show under Hosting Plans :: Add Plan :: Plan Resources.

Note: Billingshould be configured from Billing Manager :: Configure Billing before setting up price of any custom resource.

Now you are all set to sell the resource with your Hosting plans.