How to enable Click and Install Applications in HC panel?

Question: How to enable Click and Install Applications in HC panel?

The installation of any supported Click and Install Application from HC panel is very simple. Follow the simple instructions given below.

For example, to install CMS on a website:

  1. Login in HC panel as Host and then ensure first that PHP and MySQL are configured properly and are running.
  2. Enable Click and Install applications role in HC from Click & Install Apps Configuration :: Click & Install Apps Categories by clicking on edit category button.
  3. Now login as "Reseller/Webadmin".
  4. Go to location Website Services :: Click & Install Apps.
  5. Provide login for back end MySQL Database which will be used for this CMS application.
  6. Click Add or Next button.
  7. In this last step, you will be shown with the credentials of your Admin user for CMS (Note them as these will be used to login as Admin in CMS application). Now Click at Finish Installation button and it shall complete the installation.
* Almost same steps are used for installing all Click and Install Applications, supported by Hosting Controller.

For Click & Install App manual please visit this Link