How to modify HC Panel access url ?

Question : How to modify HC Panel url like ?


Case 1: 
Manual setting for a single business site for example ' '

In order to run HC panel with please follow the steps given below.

- Go to DNS manager zone file.

- Add Host A record in the zone file of with the name hc

- Go to IIS :: Hosting controller website properties :: and add the new Host Header record.

- In the new IP field select the IP on that your website is running

- Under Port field give 80

- Under Host Header value give and click ok

This will make HC panel to run at the URL

Case 2:
If you want that every new domain should automatically access HC Panel like then follow these instructions

- Login in HC Panel as Host

- Navigate to the menu My Server :: General Settings :: Admin Virtual Directory Settings, here choose option ' '

- In next step specify control panel access as "hc" under "My Server :: Configure Web Server".