Recommended Qmail installation for HC

Question:Unable to find email box details for Qmail using vuserinfo user@domain , although it was created through HC panel ?

The most common reason could be that you are using Qmail with MySQL integration. Please try to follow the guide lines given below for Qmail installation. If you wish to know more about the installation issues of Qmail you can directly contact their support team: 

Installation and Configuration of qmail/Vpopmail/Courier-Imap/SquirrelMail

The recommended tutorial for qmail installation is at the following link:

The tutorial covers qmail installation for various distributions. We do not need to follow all the steps involved for qmail installation.We will focus the installation and configuration procedure for the following four setups only: 

1. Installation of Qmail.
2. Installation of Vpopmail. (without MySQL Integration)
3. Installation of Courier-Imap.(Only Courier-Imap Package, no other package related to it)
4. Installation of SquirrelMail.(Only Squirrelmail Package, no other plugin related to it)

* Note:- In case of SquirrelMail, no configuration setting should be carried out at Apache's end. *

Qmail Installation guide for Redhat, RHEL & Fedora

The link for the tutorial for Redhat, RHEL & Fedora distributions:

We need to cover the following steps in order to carry out successfull qmail setup: 

Pre-installation steps

P1 - An introduction to the QMR installation / Setting your expectations
P2 - Pre-Installation Checklist

Installation steps

Part 1-  Download All the Needed Items for the Qmail installation
Part 2-  Installing Qmail itself
Part 5-  Installing Vpopmail (without MySQL Integration)
Part 9-  Finalizing the qmail installation
Part 10- Uninstalling Sendmail/Postfix
Part 11- Starting up qmail
Part 12- Installing Courier-imap/imaps with Courierpassd

* Note:- In this step, Courierpassd installation should be skipped. *

Part 13- Installation of the Squirrelmail web mail program
* Note:- In this step, Apache configuration section and addition of Squirrelmail plugin should be skipped. *