HC unable to reset user's password

Question: Unable to reset a user's password in HC?  

Answer: Follow these steps to resolve this issue: 

     1. If Active Directory is installed in the server then set:
        "Enforce Password History = 0 " from this location Administrator Tools :: Local Security Policy :: Password Policy

Make sure that "HCGroup" is added in member list of users in computer management/Active Directory.

If system admin tried to reset the password directly in the machine then this could break password synchronization between HC database and computer management, in such situation; host can forcefully reset the password by using following method:
         • Open HC database table "tbleUSERS" (Note: It is always recommended to take backup before any further modification in HC database, incase anything goes wrong then HC support will not be responsible).
         • Search for the corresponding user.
         • Remove all the characters in encrypted format in password field and close sql server
         • Change password from Computer management/Active directory.
 Now login into HC panel with new user password.