How to register Linux server forcefully in HC database?

Question: How to register Linux server forcefully in HC database?

To register a Linux Server with HC panel, follow the instructions given below: 

    1) Open HC database and go to table tblRegisteredServers.

    2) Open this table and make entry of Linux machine as under:

        a) RegistrationID: Leave this field; it will be filled automatically because its data type is an autonumber and cannot be filled by users explicitly.
        b) ServerName: Enter server name of the Linux machine. (Use command on terminal to get the exact name "hostname")
        c) ServerIP: Enter server IP of the Linux machine.
        d) ServerType: Enter "Linux" as server type.

    3) Login to Linux server and follow the steps given below:

        a) Go to path /usr/local/hostingcontroller/etc
        b) Open "hosts.allow" file, enter the server IPs for all the machines in the cluster.
        c) For NAT, provide private and public IPs in step(b.)
        d) Save file.

    4) Go to Windows Server. Click on Start :: Run :: services.msc (Press Enter). Restart HC Remoting on the Windows Server.

    5) Restart HC Server on Linux machine by giving following command from the terminal as:

        > hc8 restart