How to customize HC9 Panel theme?

Question: How to customize HC Panel theme?



*Its applies to HC9 Panel only


HC themes can be easily customized with the help of this document. You can add custom headers and footers to make look and feel of panel to your website.


Every HC Theme has following structure:


-ThemeName (CoolTab)

 -ThemeColor (Yellow)







"Themes" is the main folder which acts like a container for all product themes. If you need to add new theme for the product you have to place it under Themes folder. 

Let suppose your new theme name is "NewTheme" under the folder "NewTheme", now, you have to create three sub folders: 


  1. ThemeColor Folder (Blue/Green/Red/XYZ)


    • Images
       All the images for the new theme are to be placed in the Images folder.


    • Styles.css
       CSS file to handle look and feel of all the screens of the product.


    • MenuStyles.css
       CSS file to handle the main Menu of the product.

    2.    JsScripts


All the JavaScript to handle dynamic menu or interface related scripts are placed under this folder.

  1. Templates


    • All main building blocks in form of XSLT Templates of the Theme are placed under Templates folder.

i.   DefaultTemplate.xsl
     The interface HTML for Login page is written in this template.

ii.  MainTemplate.xsl
     The main Frameset are written in this template.

iii.  HeadTemplate.xsl
     The Header of the product is written in this template.


iv.  MenuTemplate.xsl
     Template for product main menu.


v.  ContentsTemplate.xsl
     The main landing page after login is written in this template.

vi.  IconsListingTemplate.xsl
     This template is responsible to handle the look and feel of icons listing pages in the product like Tools section.

vii.  FormTemplate.xsl
     The HTML for all the forms running throughout the system written in the template like AddUser/AddWebsite/AddMailDomain etc.

viii.  ListingTemplate.xsl
     The HTML for all the listing pages running throughout the system written in the template like ListUser/ListWebsites/ListMailDomains/ListPlans etc.

ix.  BrowsingTemplate.xsl
     HTML for the entire server browsing facility is written in this template.

x.  ExceptionsTemplate.xsl
     A Parking page to handle Global Exception or Hack Attempt.

xi.  Includes.xsl
     Helper XSLT template.